Incorporated in the year 2012, we are Banking Consultancy Firm having 10+ years of relevant  experience in Financial Sector.

We help companies to reduce the Banking Cost upto 60% from Domestic and International Transaction. This reduction in cost can happen from your Existing Bank, we will not insist customer to change the bank unless they are interested.

We are focused in Small and Medium Enterprises because of great opportunity and contribute great share for our Country’s growth. We also concentrate on Agriculture and Food Industries where we can help them funding at low Rate of Interest & also Loans without any collateral securities.

We have good relationship with different Banks and Financials Institutes to accommodate customers on their Financial Growth.

Following are the services which we provide

  • Cost Saving for domestic and International Transaction
  • Loan at 5% for all Importers and Exporters(from your Existing bank)
  • Unsecure loan for Agriculture and Food Products Manufacturer
  • Secure and Unsecure loan at Comparative Rates
  • Live Currency Exchange update

Today’s Currency Exchanges Rates  – click here

Our motto – ” A penny saved is penny earned “